All seniors in our sixties… where did the years go
When did we get so old…????!!!!☺️😊🤔🤫

I get so nostalgic sometimes getting lost in time gone by…

It seems like a lifetime ago we were teenagers or younger versions of us..

I look in the mirror sometimes and I hardly recognize the person looking back at me..and I have to ask myself… when did I get so old..

Then I looked at my children …adults..having children of their own..

And I have to snap myself out of yesterday and force myself into the present..and take a good hard look at them and see them as is now ..

Instead of still viewing them as the babies I held in my arms..30 plus years ago….

It’s funny how we hold on to the past and find it so hard to let go of the images we hold so dear….

And all of a sudden I feel so old..realizing how far I have traveled to where I am today.. the journey has been good with a little bump here and there..


The miles have slipped by so quickly and the journey seems to take us so far in the future …. it becomes our present…without realizing how far we have traveled..

Now looking at where I am … to where I’m coming from…it’s like waking up from a dream…

There is so much unfinished things…so much I still want to do… but taking a step back and looking back at all that I have accomplished…and that was achieved…

I smile with great pride knowing that I lived a full life… making the best of everything I had… life has been good..and yes …

I may have made some poor choices but…

I also made some good ones…

One thing I always wish for and always wish life offers is….

A chance for a “DO OVER “….

So we just have to keep moving forward…and accepting adjusting to the choices we make..

There is no going back.. there is no undoing what has been done..

Whether good or bad..

Right or wrong..

Mistakes or not..

It’s always too late to change our mind..

So we learn to make lemonade from lemons…

And just keep smiling and keep positive and just keep moving forward.. always stay optimistic that our choices are correct and if not…

We just try again.. until we get it right..

No sense in crying over spilled milk…

We just mop it up and pour another glass..

This is life.. it’s always a gamble..

A hit or miss…


And so..

We are at the end of our journey…

And we live in memories of yesterday..

And I smile every time..

And give thanks for all that life has brought me and has given me…

And I tried not to live in retrospect..

I don’t have much regrets…

I count my blessings and I live in gratitude…

A lifetime worth living….

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