The natural beauty of Sky… The golden yellow…the deep blue.. The orange-red..

One of the many unexplained wonders of the world.. How many of us stop to appreciates its beauty.. And all it has to offer…

We tend to get so caught up in our lives.. Work.. Kids.. Hobbies… That we don’t sit still long enough to notice and enjoy what nature gives… We get so wound up… On the go all the time.. That we missed out on the real joys of life… The colors of the sky… The sound of children playing… Having fun.. Carefree..

But… a mind full of.. Problems to be solved… Setting of alarms.. Time wasted on fruitless thoughts; and before you know it another day is gone… Without much accomplishment.. And life becomes monotonous… Empty… Something feels amiss.. Something is missing.. Boredom sets in.. Then depression… We look for reasons to complain.. People to blame…never satisfied, can’t be content…create misery for oneself and everyone around you…

We never stopping to relax..Get rejuvenated.. Get refreshed…stop… take a moment to asses your life  and your schedules; And change your approach and your attitude…

Enjoy the beauty of the world… Inhale.. Take it all in.. Feel the difference a little quiet time can do for you…and above all be grateful for life and be happy to be a part of this wonderful world we are so fortunate to inherit.



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