They finish up eating and went back to work.. she decided to tackle the bedrooms next and get that out of the way..

there was so many junk on the floor but he just followed her lead. They removed the mattress.. and he saw there was roaches squished.. and a few running around..

He shows no surprise .. not after that kitchen..

She does her spraying and they took it outside.. and she spray it again…

Went to retrieve the bottom and then base.. he lifted it up and lo and behold.. what greeted his sight make him gasp and whispered.. wtf.. omg 😮!!!!

There was plates of food covered in mold.. all different kinds of bags from places like McDonald’s, Wendy’s.. Kentucky… And even a pizza box.. fries .. chicken..pizza.., cups forks..

these were covered with green mold and roaches..

He noticed dirty underwear clothing all mixed together. He was speechless..

He was gagging at this point and had to rush to the bathroom. He came out after regaining his composure and saw her picking up the filthy stuff into a garbage bag.. as if it was the most natural thing in the world…

He asked her for some gloves because he was feeling so disgusted and repulsive that he didn’t want to touch anything anymore..

She went and find some.. and after examining the bed spring for no roaches he pulled it outside..

He went into his truck sits down.. shaking his head in disbelief.. Wow!!

And as he relive what he saw under that bed he started to gag again.. this was the same bed he slept in over and over again..

This was the bed he made love to her in..How didn’t he smell that mess .. how long has it been under there???

He has so many questions.. but he refused to ask.. he really didn’t want to know..

she came out bringing the base.. and she spray the bed spring.. and shouted to him.. asking him if he’s not helping her..

He got up.. went back in took out the little girl’s bed.. load it on his truck and took the beds to the new house..

He was tempted to give up and go home.. but he knows she has to be completely moved that day.. and she has no one else to help her.. he felt obligated to finish what he started.

He then make another trip with the washer and dryer…

And when he came back she has the living room set outside and sprayed…she walked out as he pulled in and helped him put it in the truck and they drove it over.. .

When they got back she handed him a garbage bag and told to pick up the garbage on the floor..

but .. she was behind him and keep pulling out stuff that he put in.. an old sock.. underwear.. dirty plates ect..

To him all this is garbage.. it was annoying him that she is wanting to hang on to these things..

The roaches were everywhere hiding beneath everything..

And though she sprayed they were so much that it was impossible to kill them all.. the fumes was so strong throughout the whole house that he has to keep going outside to breathe for a few minutes..

And picking up the trash made him realize how lazy she really was.. there was items from months ago.. food that was partially eaten but left where it is for how long… clothing. Everywhere even where you least expect..

bags from grocery shopping.. some still have items in it untouched.. empty boxes that was discarded .. more pizza boxes.. with unfinished pizza.. roaches feasting on it..

He just couldn’t understand it all.. and he couldn’t understand himself .. how could he not noticed the extreme conditions of her mess..

Could he like her after this..?? Could he overlook her laziness and the way she chooses to live…

These were questions he has and more.. and he will have to think about it all..

This experience has been something he never wants to experience again.. and he hopes that this move will solve this.. he refused to believe this is her natural habitat..

They finally got everything moved and he drove her over one last time.. he helped set up the beds.. and headed home..

He was so ready to sit down.. his back hurts.. his arms were aching.. he still couldn’t believe he was the only one she has helping her..


They got it done…

He drove home that night thinking of the day.. the roaches.. the filthy condition.. under that bed.. the fridge. He touched his head where he bump it .. and he shudders visualizing all those roaches everywhere ..

Phew 😅.. what a day..



74 thoughts on “A MESSY LOVE 💕 STORY Part 7

    1. You should ..

      Im trying to bring to an end..
      it might have a cliffhanger ..
      that I will have to address later on…

      But it’s so surprising how when we are emotionally invested just how we are blinded so so many things..

      Liked by 1 person

                    1. It’s easy. Go to your dashboard. On the left side will be “People” Choose”ADD” A new window pops up. Put my email address in there. Then select either editor or administrator and send. I’ll get the invitation in my email, and then I’ll come over to set up the post. I’ll email you, then you remove me the same way.

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    1. Yep 👍…

      Love is definitely blind..

      Now let’s see if this experience
      Will deter his feelings for her any at all…

      And let’s hope the new house speaks volumes about exactly why that place was like it was..

      Who knows..???


      1. Hahahaha..

        I don’t think he would have even noticed those roaches at that particular moment..even if they were crawling on him..
        he was way too absorbed with her.. he was in another world.. fully unconscious of everything around him…
        Except the sight of her .. that was his glory


                  1. Hahaha, then you haven’t completely given up on them…..😁

                    But I hear what you’re saying, I wouldn’t try changing a woman either because then you’d never learn to appreciate her. You have to let her do that.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. That’s the devil in me… I’m a Hell’s Angel 😇 “.

                      So I find the evil in devils 😈 like you so appealing and so irresistible…

                      Gotta love 💗 you devils for the joys you bring….


                    2. Hahaha!!!!

                      Some of us put the “D” in evil to make us little “devils” 😈. I’ve been known to be magnetic…..black magic.

                      You know the saying…..Never invite the devil into your yard, he might like it and decide to stay.😉

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                    3. Hahahaha..

                      😂 Lol 😆

                      No wonder he’s always hanging around..
                      I always invited him in .. because he’s such a charmer…

                      Because the angel 😇 in the morning..

                      Is gonna be devil 😈 in someone arms tonight

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                    4. Hahaha!!! 😛😛

                      I’m the one that hangs in people’s mind. You know the one that that wakes you up in the morning and you gotta dry off💦.

                      You make sure you squeeze that little 😈 tight at night. Hahahahaha!!!


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