After that initial night he cancelled, I waited for him to suggest a next date . He didn’t called and he didn’t say anything to me about it… I see him everyday and for the next couple of weeks I kinda gave up on the idea. he was still seeing veronie and he wasn’t giving me too much attention.

I just thought I’d let it go.. I guess I was overly ambitious..

It was a Tuesday. He was off ;   I work the closing shift.  I missed seeing him but to my surprised… He showed up, looking  so handsome, all dressed up. He stopped to talk to me, I was all smiles, so pleased to see him.   a bit jokingly he ask if I want him to come for me later.

I told him not to play with me like that and he said he is not playing… I was sitting down and he came up behind me and kiss me on the cheek., and whispered ” see you later.” winked at me as he walked out..
I watched walking away.. thinking.. hmm
🤔.. could he he serious… as I sit where he left me.. I was savoring that kiss on my cheek as I touched the spot still feeling the tingly effects…

It gives me such a thrill .. I was smiling and hoping that he was being serious…I still did not believe that he was.. but at it roll around to closing time.. I waited in great anticipation for his text… about twenty minutes before we got ready to leave.. I got his text..

‘how u doing’ 

I answered, and he text back  ‘I’ll be there to give you a ride, or u can ride me.”

I smile at his suggestion and quickly answered,

” okay.. I will be waiting..”

  he did come for me. And I was trying my best not to let my friend knew that he was picking me up..

I was very nervous .. I was not prepared for this encounter but… find myself getting all excited in anticipation..  when I got to his place I was shaking a little,

So , I excuse myself to the bathroom to get my nerves and freshen up a little I took me a quick shower.. . When I came out he was only in his underpants.

I had to catch my breath, he was so beautiful. He had this sexy perfect body,

his  chiseled chest, his strong muscled  legs, he  was a sight to behold, I completely forgot my  fears.

he then pulled me to him and  kiss me… good god! He kisses like a dream,

I was caught up in a whirlwind of passion…  He tasted so good feel so wonderful and then he lay back on the bed taking me along with him and  asked me to get on top and I refused..told him no , I did not want to embarrass myself so soon..

He just scoop me up put me on the bed straddled me and said, ‘that’s ok, that’s why u got a young boy for..”

. I would have love more foreplay but I was so ready to feel him inside of me.. I took hold of his hard throbbing cock… gentle stroking and enjoying the feel of it.. guiding him to my soaking wett and eagerly twitching kitty.

And then he enters me… slowly.. I gasp with pure pleasure as he started to thrust gentle at first building up tempo as I beg him to go faster…and harder… he eagerly obliged

. I can’t start to tell you how that feels… I was in heaven.

And he sure knows how make me feel good

. And he kept on saying,”oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.”

And I kept thinking “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.”

He was enjoying me as much as I was enjoying him..

We both cum with a force and I held on to him tightly, not wanting to let him go…  he was smiling as he lean in and whispered,

“You felt so good.” and planted a most passionate kiss on my lips..  I smiled… so happy and so pleased.. he was everything I thought he would be. I refrain from responding.. just didn’t know what to say.. I was still enjoying the feeling of pure ecstasy… and kitty was still throbbing and pulsating from that intense orgasm…

I was glad I got the opportunity to be with him. I stayed over that night and we made love again& again, I watched him sleep, hold him in my arms and wake up beside him. I came away wanting more and wondering if I will ever a get another chance to be with him. I can’t forget how he looks while he was sleeping or how it feels to hold him in my arms. Truth be told.. I feel deeper in love with him .. he was MYLOVE-LOVE

All that week I was walking on air anticipating our next time. Afraid to ask him. could’t take my eye or my mind off him. I kept on picturing that gorgeous, sexy body of his.

I couldn’t look at him without seeing him behind his clothes.. he consumed my mind.. and kitty was so longing to experience him again…

A week has passed and I was hoping for an opportunity to suggest another date..

But he was a little distant and a little uninterested..

He was still with veronie… and it tears my heart to shreds each time I see them together…

I wanted him so badly.. I wanted to ravage and devour him …I was so eager for another chance.. I wanted more.. yes..more…

But I think I just have to accept that it was a one time thing.. he was not giving me any encouragement and I keep remembering our agreement and the stipulation of terms…

Again I was forced to forget about a US… and let go…




46 thoughts on “MY LOVE-LOVE: THE JOY & PAIN OF AN UNFORBIDDEN LOVE; chapter 2

  1. Blog Andrew

    😦 Oh I’m so disappointed I want to know what happened next, btw I do love the way Americans describe ‘it’ as a kitty, so much more cute and nicer than other words around!

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      1. I know Nita, I am not the one I was just a month ago…the Flu left me too weak an a tad down because of the antibotics…and still I don’t feel in the right mood to write a serious article as I wanted to do… I wanted to aeit done for tmorrow, but I couldn’t make any advance today

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