After that baby sitting incident … and my vast disappointment ,I was convinced that we would never be together again… I came to terms that he really doesn’t share my desires to reconnect sexually….

This feeling..however didn’t last too long.. ..

seeing him everyday… only infuses my mind with a sense of exhilaration… and consumes my thoughts as I continuously relive that passionate night we shared…

playing it in my mind, thinking how he felt; how he looks… only serves to ignite my desires with intensity and my need to experience him again..

I decided to to be bold and ask him for a night, seeing that he is not going to asked me…

It was coming to valentines and our birthdays.  Mine the 16th and his 17th. I took this as an opportunity to place my request..

I bravely ask him if I could see him for Valentines. At first he said no, but I didn’t give up… I became insistent..I mention it every chance I got…

He even gives me a lecture on how we are not a couple and that he really don’t like me like that.. I in turn reminded him of our night together and asked him ..

” was that you not interested… you loved on me like you like me.. was that not real??!!!!”

He stuttered something inaudible… smile.. nodding his head.. then suddenly agreed to see me on valentines….

I smile ever so brightly and quickly responded..

” it’s a date…”

 I was more than happy. I was ecstatic.

I guess my reminder of our night works in my favor and allow him to realize and recall the extreme intimacy we shared that most memorable night… thus…awakening his desire to want me again…

I went ahead and plan a very romantic and sensuous night…I bought this eatable chocolate, with the intention of smearing it all over him… and slowly licking it off ….I got some heated scented massage oil.. knowing I’m going to give him a massage.. with a happy ending…

and I got him a beautiful card… I had our night all planned out… I’m going to make it another night to remember..

  I got my date…!!!!!!

He was still seeing Veronie and I was a bit jealous but my need to be with him was stronger than my jealousy and envy. And all that matters to me at that point was being with him anyhow I can and I was not going to let anything spoil my time with him. I decided I am going to enjoy him to the fullest.  –

I was so excited, and so full of anticipation I could hardly wait!!!!  and then it’s here….

We decided that I would find my way over to him… I got ready with all my little knickknacks… a little overnight bag…

  I’got to his apartment, knock on his door, I was so nervous with anxiety… heart pounding.. butterflies In the pit of my stomach…as I waited for him to answer my knock…

And at last he opened his door…he stands there in a sweatpants… smiling …to me he was the most beautiful sight.. I smile in return …a little shy, but elated..he invited me in… I inhaled a deep breath.. finding the courage to enter.. he hugged me and give me a little peck on he cheek… and led me to the couch and we got under a blankie he had been obviously using before I came…it was a cold night….

  WE started off watching a little movie, but, being so close to him… I couldn’t control my raging desires…couldn’t keep my hands off him. I have been wanting him for so long… I couldn’t help myself… I eagerly kiss him with passionate urgency… tracing my lips down his neck to his most beautiful chiseled chest…

When he couldn’t resist any Longer he got up .. pulling me with him.. wrapping the blanket around us.. we silently proceed to the bedroom.

It was cold night and as we made our way to the bedroom wrapped under the blanket, MYLOVE-LOVE and I…arm in arm…

I stumbled..he catch me, steady me, and said, “I got you, it’s ok.”

 I just smile, feeling so good and safe just being there with him, and I lovingly and playfully pinch his buttock. ..

He looked down at me.. smile and pulls me closer to him…

Once in bedroom .. he lie on his back pulling me on top of him.. I straddled him and started to kiss him again..he began to undress me… and I allow him to..

He then flip me onto the bed.. undressed himself..and we made sweet love…we cum with such force that leaves us both breathless .. my whole body was convulsing repeatedly… I was in ecstasy heaven…

he was still lying on me as he raised his head and looked down at me And said…

“Wow!!! You are amazing…”

I just hugged him close to me.. and kiss his neck and broad shoulders…we lie there in each other arms .. enjoying the feeling and thrill of the ecstasy we just experienced…

A few minutes has passed and our breathing was back to normal.. so I decided to suggested giving him a massage. He was all gamed.

I got up retrieve my little bag of goodies.. he was now lying on his side raised by his elbow as he watched me.. I pull the card out and gave him bashfully…

he looks at me quizzically… open it up.. read it out loudly… smiled… look at me.. raised his eyebrows… says hmm softly… as he reached out and pull my face to him … kiss me softly on the lips and whispered..

” I love it.. thank you.”

I blushed and smile back at him… and simple nod my head …

I then instructed him to role over..he got on his tummy …I very gentle pour the oil on his back….and sensuously caress and massage it in.. I moved slowly down till I reached his buttocks….so round… so firm….  mmmm …I bent down and kiss that sink in his back using the tip of my tongue to trace the path to his buttock..

he let out a deep groan,”mmmm”. I smiled pleasingly.

I love the taste of him as I knead his buttock  lovingly… He decided to roll over…and whoaaa!!!!! He was ready again…

I took him in my hands and I looked up at him and he has his eyes closed with a face showing pure pleasure… I put some of the oil in my hands… and latter him in it… He starts to moan softly and said,”shit… shit..”. (his favorite words)

I then lick at the tip… circling it with my tongue… I repeat a couple times. Flickering the underside… where it’s super sensitive.. he started to bop.. so I wrapped my mouth over him and pull him all the way down my throat…he thrust his hip up and place his hand on my head urges me on… he uses his hand to guide my motion as I devour him…he tastes so good…

This leads to another session of pure delightful pleasure…We make love for the next hour or so.. I had my night of pleasure and nothing matters at that moment but lying there in his arms …

I love that he always let me spend the complete night with him.. so I can lie there wrapped in his arms and him in mine.. while I savor our passionate lovemaking ..

 as we lie there quietly trying to sleep.. so exhausted but very satiated … pleasantly satisfied…

he became very quiet and was a bit distant and aloof, as if he drifted off into another world .. I silently hope he was not regretting having me over.. or regretting making such beautiful love to me…

I quickly shrugged the thought off .. refusing to let anything ruin this moment

I did not care what was causing his mood…because I was exactly where I wanted to be. My most favorite place. Right next to him.

He then started to talked a little about his life and his dreams. He was opening up to me..

He told me what his plans for the future was.. what he wants for his children… what he hoped to accomplish…

how I enjoyed just lying there listening to him, learning about him and feeling so close and connected to him. I felt he was opening up to me accepting me, and getting closer to me. I was very pleased… it was heavenly..

He fell asleep and as I watched him sleeping a huge rush of emotions rush through me…. I hug him close to me and try to savor every minute with him because I was thinking this maybe our last time together like this..

I know he doesn’t want me or like me like that. And I couldn’t dismiss the fact that Veronica is his girl…

I drifted off to sleep with his head on my chest as I cradled him in my arms..and my chin on his head…very contented and super happy in this moment…

( I may hate myself in the morning.. but I’m gonna love him tonight… everyone knows someone they can’t help but want…and even we just can’t make it work out.. well the want to just lingers on…and once again we end up in each other arms pretending that it’s right…)

I woke up to   a phone call frommy sister) wishing me HAPPY VALENTINES.  We spoke for a few minutes..

He was awake by then..

I got up took a shower..ask him if he wants breakfast he said, “yes”  …

I went to the kitchen to see what he had to make breakfast.. I found some eggs.. bacon.. I was busy preparing the bacon .. I wanted to impress him with a good breakfast…

I was standing over the stove when I felt him behind me. He was kissing my neck and his hands found its way between my legs to my kitty.. she instantly reacted to his touch..

She got really excited and all turned on. I couldn’t resist him..It felt so good that I dropped everything and respond to him. He bent me over as I eagerly receive him. I had to tippy toe as he slowly entered me …Gosh!!!  It  felt so so so…good;

  He then led me to the couch still inside me..I kneel on it and bent over the back.. as he continued to pound and thrust his slippery coated cock in and out ever so expertly… I cum so hard I gushed all over him.. while he burst open and flood me with his spunk…

He gave me one of the best loving I ever had. I couldn’t believe that I could feel like that. And when we were finished I wanted more, much, much more. I was on fire… but we ran out of time… he had to get to work…

So my night ended with a bang.

I hurriedly finished cooking what I started…We ate…and he took me home. I was smiling all day. MYLOVE-LOVE sure knows how to put a smile on my face. I was happy and contented for the next two days.

 Our birthdays was coming up…I bought a cheese cake and a bottle of moscato wine for his birthday and I thought I could convince him to spend it with me… he denied my request.. I wanted a repeat of our valentines night… But…..

He he made plans with Veronica… she got him for his birthday…. I was very jealous not wanting to share him with her or anyone else.. but..

I could not command him like that..

I die inside knowing that he wanted her and not me but I have to accept that we could never be.

I smile every time I thought of us. The memories of my nights with him was imbedded in my mind….

I didn’t allow him and Veronica to bother me much ..because I get to see him every day, and as long as I’m able to see him I could cope with my emotions. I’d settle for friendship I told myself..

I was just fooling myself though..


my desires and need for him was growing with each passing day.. and the more I see him and the more I reflect back on those passionate nights .. the more I want him..

How can he love me like that then ignore me … ???? I find it hard to accept my fate… and pretend that I don’t care… because.. I was way pass casual..

Who was I fooling!!!????




      1. Blog Andrew

        Wow incredible! You’ll guess I’m very impressed, I’ve seen deep throating in porn films even though I detest pornography, anyways all the way is awesome………..I’d love to have my dick sucked like that! A fabulous post which left me hard!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Blog Andrew

            ❤ I hope you are well I haven't spoken to you for a while, I'm afraid I haven't f#cked a lady in a while consequently there's no posts to write 😦


    1. Funny 😂 thing is.,
      I didn’t actually remember all his shunning in the beginning..

      All I seem to remember is just how much I have enjoyed the times he has given me..

      I was so infatuated and addicted that I couldn’t see his scorns

      Liked by 3 people

  1. A Valentines Day that’ll definitely get the heart pumping, body humping, bed thumping, cum dumping feelings associated that only chocolate and oil can arouse!😉. Seems he’s splitting the holidays…so nice of him(sarcastically on my part). But, it seems she’s getting what she wants for the time being, even if it’s just a piece of the pie. He’s not giving her the whole value meal, but enough of him to keep her happy, so she’s getting the Happy Meal. He obviously feels something for her, staying the night with her….just seems they both want cake and wants to eat it too but in a different way. There is doubt within her but her persistence contends with that. And it’s funny that she asked herself at the end “Who is she fooling”? She’s fooling him, because if she’s putting on this mirage that she’s okay with just being friends and no strings attached, then he believes that she’s fine with it and he’ll continue playing both cards. Men are miserable little pile of secrets, and not very bright at times… times.🤔
    Loving it so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh my goodness.. joker..

      You have me smiling and loving 🥰 your reaction to this story…

      You sum it up just right though.. I couldn’t have put in a better form…

      I guess you were right.. about fooling him..

      Because that was exactly what he was thinking.. easy and eager.. and begging for more…he knew he had her wanting him..
      And he will continue to abuse her obvious desires to his liking…

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment in a most delightful way

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This is a sensual, sexy and hot story that the eyes can’t stop once it starts.😁🔥
        This is an interesting relationship these two are in, it’s like a do for me and I’ll do for you because they want to do the do. No strings attached but they’re both being each other’s puppet for now.😉
        It’s my pleasure, I love your writing Nita.🌹

        Liked by 1 person

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